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Find All Cellular Embedded Medical Devices Here. We make RPM much easier and give physicians the right tools to remotely monitor their patients.


Our Technologies

ForaCare delivers precise, dependable chronic disease monitoring tools and IT platforms for streamlined data management. Our multi-parameter products target conditions like diabetes, hypertension, CHF, and COPD, extending to telehealth. We transform biometric data into actionable health insights, enabling healthcare professionals to prompt proactive care and enhance patient adherence through behavioral prescriptions.

What we offer

ForaCare’s Remote Patient Monitoring solution is used in clinics, medical groups, and medical university programs worldwide. Our comprehensive Remote Patient Monitoring solution allows your practice to efficiently streamline healthcare services and increase revenue with the aid of our user-friendly cellular equipment and HealthView portal.

  • FORA D40g
    2-in-1 Blood Glucose and Blood Pressure Monitoring System
  • FORA GTel
    Multi-FunctionalMonitoring System
  • FORA TN´G Scale 550 Mobile
    Weight Scale
New Reimbursement Opportunities

Integrated cloud-based remote patient monitoring solution

Improve quality of care with custom alerts for out-of-range measurements 

Utilizes FORA® FDA approved devices with built-in cellular connectivity

Real-time Data transmission

Fully compliant with HIPAA regulationsUser-friendly interface

HealthView decreases your time spent billing for Medicare codes 99453, 99454, 99457, 99458.

Medicare Providers have the potential to earn an additional $2,000 per patient per year.

FORA core values

Our guiding principles for exceptional healthcare solutions

Service and Support

At ForaCare, we assist you in onboarding patients by providing comprehensive support throughout the process. Our team of specialists guide physicians and office staff in transitioning to the use of our HealthView platform.We offer optional services such as patient equipment training, creating RPM reports, and more to ensure a successful implementation of remote patient monitoring.

Positive Outcomes for Patients

ForaCare is a leader in the field of Telehealth. Since 2009, the company has collaborated with researchers at medical universities for studies monitoring individuals with diabetes.Research shows that ForaCare’s Remote patient monitoring technology leads to better health outcomes for patients through personalized treatment plans.

Data includes:

A decrease in HbA1c levels in diabeticsFewer hospital admissions in patients with COPD, CHF, and multiple chronic conditionsImproved quality of life in COPD patients and lower mortality in CHF patients


We embrace innovation as a driving force in our quest to enhance TELEHEALTH SOLUTION. By staying at the forefront of advancements in technology, ideas, and processes, we continuously improve our offerings.

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