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FORA O2 App Premium Membership (6 months/1 year)

FORA O2 App Premium Membership (6 months/1 year)

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FORA O2 App Premium Membership 

iFORA O2 Premium Membership


iFORA O2 is a total solution that helps you analyze and improve sleep apnea and mind-body related problems.


Compatible Devices:




The App integrates with FORA Bluetooth Pulse Oximeter and Intelligent Cloud Analysis System to provide three main features: 1. Sleep SpO2 analysis, 2. HRV analysis, 3. Resonance Breath (HRV Biofeedback). This APP will access and update your Health data to synchronize with Apple HealthKit


1. Sleep SpO2 analysis


1-1. records the whole night of SpO2 and heart rate readings with sampling rate of 1 sample per second.

1-2. provides analysis report with SpO2/heart rate trend chart and the following parameters related to sleep apnea:

(1) lowest SpO2, (2) highest SpO2, (3) average SpO2, (4) ODI3%, (5) ODI4%, (6) CT90%, (7) overall Sleep SpO2 classification ...etc.

The report (pdf format) could be sent to user registered email address

1-3. provide history Sleep SpO2 report for check

Sleep SpO2 analysis help test the severity of oxygen saturation deficiency. It could be used for not only risk screening but also for treatment improvement tracking


1-4. analysis and recommendation

personalized analysis and recommendation based on multi-night test results and questionnaire

1-5. sleep note

possible apnea improvement solutions in sleep note (e.g. CPAP, nasal breath, side sleep, pillow) - help user find suitable solution


2. HRV (Heart rate variability) analysis


2-1. provides heart rate variability analysis (Autonomic Nervous System Analysis) with 5 parameter:

- SDNN (overall Autonomic Nervous System index)

- LF (Sympathetic Nervous Combo index)

- HF (Parasympathetic Nervous index)

- LF/HF (Balance index)

- heart rate


2-2. provides classification of overall HRV score and individual suggested range for each parameter

2-3. provides knowledge of possible Causes, Risks and Notice for HRV scores outside suggested range

(e.g. sleep disorder, stress level, diseases...etc.)


3. Resonance Breath (HRV biofeedback)


3-1. provides visual Guidance for breathing exercise and biofeedback of user’s condition


3-2. supports 7 types of breathing exercise frequency: 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5 BPM. User could scan and test the most suitable frequency for him to exercise


3-3. support 'Resonance' and 'Coherence' parameter to help user scan and test the most suitable breathing frequency for him



Sleep SpO2 and HRV Analysis help analyze the causes of sleep, stress and mindbody problems, and also help scan the risk for potential diseases. Resonance Breath help you reduce stress, achieve inner balance, and improve sleep quality and health.

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