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FORA Pro Voice V8 Diabetes Testing Kit (Talking Glucometer- English, Español) - 100 Glucose Strips(50ct/ vial*2)+100 Lancets

FORA Pro Voice V8 Diabetes Testing Kit (Talking Glucometer- English, Español) - 100 Glucose Strips(50ct/ vial*2)+100 Lancets

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Intelligent meter- FORA V8 gives you a trustworthy measurement in just a few seconds.

Featured by audible mode, FORA V8 is easy to set up and operate. As soon as this kit arrives, accurate testing is attainable for you. Try out our Pro Voice V8 right now, and monitor your glucose then!

  • Customer-oriented design: Pro Voice V8 is audible and can speak in English and Spanish. No matter which condition, Pro Vice V8 is always at your side.
  • Lightness to carry: with the whole set of kit, Pro Voice V8 lets you monitor glucose anytime and anywhere.
  • Convenient testing: no code is required for Pro Voice V8.
  • Measuring up to 450 test results with dates and time is achievable!
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”FORA provides the most trustworthy products and services. All you need-Accurate measurement, protective gadgets and kind customer support are here. Paired with my diet plan, and it can manage my health easily! I would like to recommend my friends and family to try it out.“

-Annie, Registered Dietitian-

  • ForaCare Great, instant customer service

    Great, instant customer service

    Any problems with choosing and ordering products? Our customer support is always helping to meet
    your needs!

  • FORA Products Customer-oriented, cutting-edge design

    Customer-oriented, cutting-edge design

    We dedicate to being continually improving, and give you the best.

  • FORA Prodcuts_Reliable, trustworthy performance

    Reliable, trustworthy performance

    We make effort to ensure our devices to operate accurately and guard your health at the first moment.

  • FORA CARE Improve and maintain healthy lifestyle

    Improve and maintain healthy lifestyle

    Whether to live healthier or to protect yourself, you can easily achieve it with FORA.

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