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FORA 6 Connect Glucose & Ketone Kit - 50 Glucose (2x25) & 50 Ketone Strips, 50 lancets

FORA 6 Connect Glucose & Ketone Kit - 50 Glucose (2x25) & 50 Ketone Strips, 50 lancets

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Mike David
Consistent and easy

Much more accurate and consistent than Keto Mojo. It does so many different tests!

Deb Kelsey-Davis RN
Exceeded My Expectations!

I'm a nurse, so it's hard to impress me when it comes to health management. The Fora 6 Connect is amazing, accurate and truly helps me manage my health. The fact that it is Bluetooth and synchs up with my phone AND that I can set targets, get sophisticated data analytics, is what exceeded my expectations. I follow Dr. Boz, and having her ratio embedded is WONDERFUL! I loved this so much I insisted my family get one.... If you want to make significant changes in your health, this is the first step, especially for those me...are working to get to consistent keto.

Great customer service

I placed a order and there was a mixup with shipping. My order was accidently delivered to a incorrect address. I reached out to customer support and immediately had a replacement sent out to me. I love their products and the wonderful experience has gained them a lifetime customer.

Ryan P.
Best on the market

I have purchased multiple glucometers over the past ten years. Each and everyone of them have had a lot of issues with accuracy. I have had the Fora 6 for about a year and it has been perfect. No issues ever, numbers are always on point. I love this unit and I wish I would have found it sooner.

Great device

I purchased this back in July '20. I like being able to test both blood glucose and ketones with the same meter. Easy to use and you can connect to your phone with Bluetooth. The only issue I have had is changes in glucose/ketone levels. What I mean is, sometimes I test twice, if I get a reading that is off from my normal readings. Sometimes I do this just to see if I get the same reading - to test the meter results. Anyway, sometimes the results as not even close to the same, for the first and second test, even though I do both immediately, back to back. By not close I mean my blood glucose my vary by 10 points and my ketones by 0.5. It could be the test strips, not sure. I like it despite this because it gives me a good idea of where my levels are each day.

Dear Ken:
Thank you for your review and feedback. We normally have control solution to facilitate your questions about accuracy. Normally blood glucose and blood ketone fluctuates as well even if you take back to back measurements. However, it is always a good marker that your readings do not have dramatic changes. We thank you for using our product. If you would like to make a phone call to our customer service team or have some questions such as insurance, you can contact our customer service line at TEL:1-888-307-8188 (Toll-Free Number, Mon-Fri, excluding holidays 0830-1730, PST Time) as we're always happy to help!

ForaCare, Inc. eCommerce Team

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